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16.06.10MT-03, MTO Sport ja Calidus - maailman turvallisimmat gyrokopterit!

Tässä HTC:n omistajan Otmar Birknerin englanninkielinen teksti asiasta:

SAFETY FIRST - Thanks to this motto we are very proud of our totally clean accident statistics.  To date, and there are more than 800 AutoGyro gyroplanes in the global market, there have been no accidents or fatalities that have been shown to be the responsibility of the aircraft or of AutoGyro GmbH. This is unique in the history of Gyroplanes, and we are very proud of it.

 In order to sustain the statistics we decided to fix the TBO of the frame and the rotor at 1.500 hr. This is not because of defects found, but to gather data to validate a long, safe, operational life in all operational environments. Currently none of the fleet have reached such a high flight time, so we have limited experience to draw on in our decision making process. Whilst establishing a TBO is more unusual in the gyroplane or microlight class, TBO’s are completely common for general aviation components – and also cover the Rotax engines that we use. It should also be remembered that there is no in-flight rescue equipment in case of component failure on a gyroplane.

 The work required for this TBO is not replacement (unless defects are found), purely non destructive testing. As data and evidence is gathered we expect this inspection to be relaxed to larger intervals, in the same way as Rotax have done with engines. 

 AutoGyro regard this as a responsible action to protect our pilots and customers, and to support safe fleet operation for existing and follow-on owners.

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